Hi lovelies, welcome to my blog!


My name is Emma, I am 24 years old and originally from the UK. I grew up in a small Essex town called Benfleet and had been fighting a case of wanderlust ever since I can remember! I have a near-on perfect lifestyle back home with an extremely close, loving and generous family, a good job and a wonderful partner who has all of the same goals as I… but we were so ready for that to change.

I began this blog with a vision – a vision of taking people on a journey with me.
In 2016 when our Australian adventure was no more than an exciting future plan but nothing was quite set in stone; I spent all of my time scouring the internet looking for blogs and reviews on other travelers experiences in Australia.
It was daunting… and contradicting! But I never gave up hope.
It’s a huge thing packing up your suitcase and leaving your country behind. Be it on your own or with a companion – it can be scary, but…

It is one of the best things that you will ever do.

I love seeing, I love doing and I love writing – which is why I became a blogger; and this will be your one stop spot for all things travel, life & style.

Writing and reading blogs has always been a huge interest of mine – from reading beauty and fashion blogs to writing my own travel, life & style blog. My interests lie within travel, lifestyle, beauty, health and fashion – and I am excited to see where this takes me… for now – this will be a chance for me to document and share my journey, experiences, loves and thoughts in hope that I can help and inspire others.

The most important goal for me is to be at my happiest, in a country that I love, with the man I love most.