Little Life Improvements

Life is beautiful – a little out of routine but nonetheless beautiful!

I had my 24th birthday last week & couldn’t have wished for anything more than to be able to share it with Rick & my family out here all together. I took 2 weeks of annual leave from work which was amazing – meaning that I could spend as much time with my family as I wanted!

I love ‘me’ time – so mornings spent in my apartment without having to rush out the door for work are just my favouriteThere is nothing I love more than having the time to lounge around, do some yoga and prepare a hearty breakfast!

(Though, I will say, I am becoming worryingly addicted to avocados & jalapeños.
I have actually had to limit myself to 2 mashed avocados spread over the course of a week! Sad right? And, well, I haven’t given myself a limit on the jalapeño front yet!)

Devo to say the least.

Anyway, the reason for my post is because I have been slacking in some areas – such as exercising, yoga practice, house work, eating mindfully & preparing meals. I have been feeling quite sluggish inside – which pains me to say – BUT it is totally normal to feel a little off track sometimes; especially when you are so so busy with family plans, eating out endlessly and creating beautiful memories. I just want to spend all of my time with them from the moment I wake up – which has been absolutely amazing! However, I am super excited to get started on the goals that I have set myself – to get back on track – and to really take my fitness, eating habits, self care & love for outdoors to another level!

I am certainly not unhealthy – but it is always nice to make little life improvements.
I enjoy having a healthy routine and feeling in control of what I’m doing, what I’m eating and how I choose to spend my time!

It is officially ON.

I have made a list of little lifestyle changes that I feel can make a world of difference..


A Change in; Eating Habits
Who doesn’t enjoy planning, preparing and eating food? From ever since I can remember – I have always loved a meal to not only taste good, but to also look good! I wouldn’t say that I am a binge eater, at all in fact… however if I have a craving; I’m quite poor at being able to tell myself ‘Emma, you don’t need this garlic bread’ – ha! Who can relate?
I want to really start focusing on what Rick & I are putting inside our bodies. Everyone knows that eating healthily isn’t boring. In fact, a well prepared macro friendly meal is so much more appealing and satisfying than a quickly fixed less healthy meal! It is time to invest in that grocery store & stock up on the good stuff! It is also good to home cook for many reasons, the main one being that you know exactly what you are eating.
I know full well that I can cook up a good meal – its just that I am just a little obsessed with dining out. I really do enjoy having food cooked for me in a restaurant with a great atmosphere, and there is nothing wrong with that as long as you know when to stop – and seeing as though I have always enjoyed cooking; I am going to become much more adventurous with my home cooking. 

Must have: I absolutely love home made smoothies and used to swear by my NutriBullet back in the UK – so I am super excited about my new NutriBullet delivery and can’t wait to get my smoothie game back on. A well made smoothie is almost the answer to everything, and are my favourite sweet-tooth cure!

I will be looking into different books that I can purchase in order to inspire me & give me some more foodie inspiration in the kitchen! (Yes, I know I can probably find most of that online, but soon the whole of the world will be online & we will only ever be able to shop/read/browse online!) – seriously, how boring would that be? Actual reading books are always a winner. Sorry Kindle, its a no from me.


A Change in; Looking After My Skin & Hair
This has always been on the top of my to-do list; I just think that you can never invest too much time, money or effort in looking after yourself. I have always had problematic skin growing up – some days it bothers me, some days it doesn’t! Again, what we put into our bodies plays a big part on our skin & hair – so I want to focus a lot more on consuming & using foods that can help me in other ways than just satisfying my appetite. I am quite keen to start creating my own hair & face masks by using a mixture of foods, oils, natural exfoliants & other goodness. There is nothing better than natural products, and whats more natural than making them yourself? I find that my skin reacts best to natural products that contain zero or a lot less of ingredients such as parabens, sulfates & perfumes. Once you start taking notice of whats in your products – you’ll notice changes!

I use natural oils on my hair religiously – and unless a miracle is created, that wont stop! Rosemary essential oil, sweet almond, grapeseed and coconut oil are the holy grails for me.

(I am also in the process of having various consultations at different skin clinics around Sydney trying to figure out which procedures and treatments are best for my skin type. So far, I am keen to book in for either skin needling or a chemical peel – which I will absolutely write about my experience with a before & after!)


A Change in; Exercising
There is an endless list of reasons to exercise – and I really believe that exercising is something that shouldn’t be skipped, no matter the intensity! Whether thats going for a light walk, taking part in a hot yoga class or squatting 400kg – you always walk away feeling better! (Unless you’re having a bad day – but 80/20 – physical activity is a mood booster!)

I do count my lucky stars for the metabolism that I have. Touch wood, I can eat what I like (within reason) and see next-to-no changes in my body. However, depending what I eat and how active I am really does make an impact on how I’m feeling inside. We all feel different about ourselves in one way or another.. personally, being active and eating mindfully can make all the difference.

I have certainly gained a bit of extra body fat around my waist & hips – but nothing that can’t be changed. My goal is to strip some of my body fat & to really tone & improve what I have. After my families visit, I will be heading into my local gyms to decide where I want to go. I am also quite keen to get a well educated personal trainer on board temporarily to kick start my regime out here in Australia – someone that can feed me with knowledge that I may be lacking in some areas! & for the days when I don’t fancy using the gym, I have my trusty little yoga room for at home work outs as well as some of the most beautiful scenic routes to run and exercise outdoors. Nothing beats that after-workout feeling.


A Change in; Slowing Down
I can’t tell you how many times I actually stop and say to myself ‘Emma, why are you rushing?’ – even just the other day; I got home from work and pretty much hop, skip, jumped into the shower just so that I could get down to my families apartment as quick as possible! Its not good to feel the need to rush all of the time – it really can become a very annoying habit. I seem to never want to feel as though I am time wasting! I often arrive into work 30-45 minutes early so that I can prepare my breakfast; yet why do I feel the need to rush to get there – even with almost an hour to spare!? Silly isn’t it. It is so important to slow down & remind yourself to just live in these moments and to not rush through them all.
I no longer want to be that person who gets frustrated because there is a slow walker in front of me – I am officially that slow walker.


A Change in; Utilizing My Time Indoors & Outdoors
Just last week I went for a walk through Sydney’s Botanic Gardens and I was honestly shocked at how little time I have spent there – there are so many beautiful scenic little walk ways in Sydney and I am going to take full advantage of them.
I know that sometimes there is absolutely nothing better than getting home & slothing out on the sofa after a day of work – but sometimes when you look back on your week – all you have actually done is gone to work, then come home again.. gone to work, then home again.. and that is it. Is it just me who really dislikes looking back on weeks like that?
It’s good (and healthy!) to utilize your down time – allowing yourself to look forward to things like walks, cooking, meal preparing, reading, yoga etc. – rather than just going straight home to the sofa to flick through Instagram! (I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love sofa days! But there has to be a limit right?) 

I love everything about the beaches in Australia – so more of my evenings are going to be spent there sat on a Turkish towel watching the waves crash – as well as taking advantage of the coastal walks around Bondi & Manly.
(Inspired by my mum and dad! They had some of the most beautiful coastal walks there during their visit.)

It’s so important to enjoy the little things in life;
they really can make all the difference. 



Challenge; swap that sofa for a park bench!

A Change in; Utilizing Instagram Scrolling Boredom Time
Who agrees that if they add up all of the time they spend scrolling through their Instagram feed in a day & replaced it with going for a walk, a run or taking part in a yoga class – they would feel far more productive, and perhaps, better? I don’t know about you, and even though I am guilty of enjoying Instagram – I absolutely do not overuse it.
I will say, social media is definitely not a negative – in fact an amazing thing when used for the right reasons! You can find so much inspiration online beyond words – but I do try not to look too much into what I see & not having a huge social media following. Which may sound weird coming from a blogger – I just choose not to spend all of my time trying to impress people who may not want or need to be impressed. I want people to read my blogs because they genuinely want to. I have a long way to go, and I am still learning – but I enjoy what I am doing and will carry on doing just so, without allowing it to consume all of my time, for possibly the wrong reasons!
Any-who, those 13 minutes spent in bed scrolling through Instagram before work would be perfect for preparing yourself an enjoyable breakfast or having a morning stretch; which I am going to make sure that I incorporate much more of!

IMG_7945 (2)

Look after your life and your life will look after you.

Do you have any little life changes that you are wanting to make.. or any thoughts towards mine? Let me know, I’m all ears!



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