Where to; Bottomless Brunch in Sydney

Is there a better way to spend your day than with 3 full hours of good food & unlimited bellinis?


Champagne Room – Bottomless Bellinis

Apart from having to make my way there with one shoe on due to my thong breaking en route (can you believe there wasn’t ONE shoe shop within walking distance in Surry Hills? all hail superglue is ALL I can say) – what a beautiful lunch this was.

The Champagne Room is situated on Level 1 of the Winery – a gorgeous tucked away venue with various indoor/outdoor function rooms & areas for a quirky dining & drinking experience. 

It has been 1 week since my family arrived in Sydney, and it truly has been surreal spending each & every day with them so far. I booked a table for us here because I felt that it is something that we can each enjoy – my family, Rick and I are all lovers of dining out & enjoying a glass of something – so where other than a bottomless brunch? We were greeted into the Champagne Room by smiling faces, handed a glass of bellini (peach, raspberry or lychee were the choices) & shown to our table situated right by the large open walls/windows. It was a very hot day – perhaps hotter than usual because I had been running around with one heel on prior to sitting down trying to look for a non-existent shoe store, so I was pleasantly surprised at just how airy & cool the restaurant was!
My first impression of the venue itself is that it has a very buzzy, young & girly vibe – meaning that it is absolutely perfect for a ladies lunch! However, it was also thoroughly enjoyed by the men in my life too.
It was quite noisy – not overwhelmingly, but being a young & girly environment – what else would you expect during 3 whole hours of unlimited bellinis!

The decor is golden, vintage & classy – everything that I love! Glitzy chandeliers and large gold curtains draped along the walls, with circular tables throughout – making this the ideal place for groups!
(Is it just me who prefers circular tables rather than rectangle? Lets be honest, no one really likes being at the end of a rectangle table!)

Our reservation was from 12 midday until 3PM – and after checking our dietary requirements, the first course came up almost instantly! No complaints there; we were each hungry and excited to tuck right in!



To start we had the chef’s selection of cheese and salumi boards, served with grissini, kiss peppers, basil, fig chutney, fruit lavosh & spelt toast!

D e l i c i o u s

I am all for any kind of antipasto platter / sharing board – I just feel that they really are a nice touch when lunching as a group!

The staff were prompt at noticing when our glasses were empty; which was happening  rather quickly.. but without hesitation they brought over our refills – without us having to ask – just what I like! I do wonder if there is actually a limit to how fast they would like you to drink the bellinis / or if they have ever had to ask anyone to slow down?
I mean, I guess not – it can’t be called a ‘bottomless’ brunch for nothing!

& of course, we took full advantage of this!


Next up were mini wine burgers with sweet potato fries, hummus & pitta slices, arancini balls & olives!
I must say, those sweet pot fries & arancini balls were a dream!
The mini burgers were just the right size. It may not look like a lot of food shared between 5, but each of us felt that it really was the perfect amount; particularly when you are sinking bellinis at the same time – does anyone else’s appetite seem to shrink?


Desert was wonderful; a colourful gelato scoop swimming in prosecco with chocolate truffles on the side. Yummy! (No great picture for proof – I’d had too many bellinis by this point & clearly had totally forgotten!)

There wasn’t one thing that was disliked about our lunch – apart from the olives, because, well – who like olives?

For $79 per person, this is a must from me! You can also opt for just the 3 courses of food and pay for drinks separately if bellinis aren’t your thing!
For just the food, the price is $45pp.

All in all, a wonderful brunching experience; I will absolutely be returning!


↑ Mama bear enjoying her raspberry bellini! ↑

Until next time!


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