Beautiful Gestures & Little Luxuries

My previous blog post was all about making small changes into my life; taking a few steps back and showing more gratitude towards the things that I have around me – so I feel that a post about a beautiful gesture that a beautiful friend of mine made during the working week would be very convenient.

I have only been living in Sydney for less than three months, and in such a short amount of time have built a really lovely friendship with someone who is sadly leaving; which I am really quite upset about to say the least. Not only does she give me some of the wisest words of wisdom, she also surprised me with the most beautiful gift; and it is safe to say that I am extremely grateful for her kindness and friendship.
(and gorgeous choice of gift for that matter!)

I love anything fresh, floral, white & classy – and I really just feel like this little gem of a gift deserves to be shouted about!

Côte Noire Signature Collection – Gardenia Blanc


These beautiful life-like gardenias are set in a gel that is infused with a gorgeous floral fragrance… and I really cannot describe to you just how beautiful they smell! You really just know that a home fragrance is going to be amazing when you can smell the scent before you have even opened the beautifully packaged box.
Each flower is individually hand-crafted & coated in a special material to give each petal a natural appearance and touch. The flower comes complete with a bottle of white gardenia scented perfume, which you spray directly onto the petals to refresh & increase the scent. You can purchase refills for the fragrance – and I must say, the White Gardenia scent really compliments my White Jasmine ZaraHome fragrance that I have throughout my apartment! (If you don’t know, you need to!)

Isn’t this just the perfect little gift? I had already ordered my mum a bundle of White Jasmine ZaraHome gifts for Mothers Day, but if I hadn’t have done so – something from the Côte Noire range would have absolutely been my next option. The magnolias are certainly on my wishlist! (And guess who’s birthday it is next week?)

Other little luxuries that make the perfect at-home gift

Here is a sneak peak at what I am just loving the look of at the minute;

For UK:
For AU:

I love an interior to look fresh & minimalist. I am loving the whole life-like artificial flower thing that seems to be going on right now! Whats not to love?

When purchasing gifts, personally I always think its nice to buy things that correspond and compliment each other.
E.g. body oils & a bath robe – idyllic!

• • • •

I am such a home bird & little luxuries should be on everyone’s wishlist. We all like stuff that makes us feel good right? Its nice to enjoy the little things.
Robes have to be my go-to item for lounging, after smothering myself in oils! Who doesn’t love a new robe?

I just love the simplicity & shades of these!

BrasNthings – Chrome Satin Wrap
The White Company – Seychells Cocounut Body Oil
Slip – Silk Eye Mask
Emu – Mayberry Slipper

I love everything that The Body Shop stands for & feel that the prices are so reasonable for the quality of their products. They also have the cutest gifts around Christmas time! Yes, I did just mention Christmas in March.

Personally, I feel that it can get tedious buying candles as a gift; however, for the size & price of ZaraHome’s cylinder candles – I feel they deserve a purchase! Whether thats for yourself or a loved one. One can never have too many pillows, candles or cosmetic bags!

• • • •

The Daily Edited – Mock Croc Pouch
Is there anything more personal than a personalized gift? I think not. At TDE they have an endless collection of accessories & items that you can have personalized with your choice of lettering. Their selection of colours & quality of materials are just beautiful! The packaging is also gorgeous; a beautiful gift bag & box with a personal note of your choice inside  – TDE really does provide the perfect gift!

• • • •

Do you have any gifts or ideas that you feel deserve to be shouted about?
Let me know, I’d love to hear about them.

Keep an eye out for my next blog;
A post for ‘little luxury’ lovers – on all budgets!


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