Sydney Favorites… So Far!

We started working after just 1 week of arriving into Sydney meaning that we haven’t quite been able to do all of the touristy things that most people do whilst in Sydney – but that’s fine with me as it really gives us something to look forward to each weekend! We have made a promise that every weekend we will do and see something new. From walks along the bridge & picnics in a park – to dining in high end revolving bars & restaurants! There are endless sights to see and things to do in Sydney so I can’t imagine that we will become bored any time soon… or ever for that matter!

So, what are my favourite to-do’s in Sydney so far?
Spending Quality Time in Our Beautiful Apartment!
First of all, nothing compares to being in your own home right?
3 weeks ago we moved into a dream of an apartment – and I really can’t tell you how happy I am to call this place home! I am quite fussy when it comes to living arrangements – I LOVE anything modern, white and bright- and that is exactly what we have found. The apartment came on the market and within 15 minutes I had already called the agent and arranged a viewing for the next day. I was the first person to view it and I had to make sure that it was ours (which included convincing her to cancel the scheduled open viewing due that weekend!). I didn’t give up until she took payment and voila, before we knew it we were signing the paperwork & being handed over the keys! I am such a home bird, and have a real love for making interiors look just how I like them. Its always been something that I enjoy, adding finishing touches and having an eye for detail. (And if that means that the salt & pepper shakers cant go on the kitchen counter because they don’t match the cabinets, then so be it!)

Less is more!
The absolute selling point to our beautiful apartment (for me!) was absolutely our indoor/outdoor balcony which is just perfect for yoga & at-home work outs. The view and being able to watch the sunset & rise is idyllic! It’s my tranquil little yoga space and I love it.


I haven’t decorated the apartment as much as I would like to yet – but this will happen in due course! I really could spend forever in Zara & H&M Home. Their style is so minimalist & classy – everything that I love when it comes to decorating an interior.
If you aren’t already aware – Zara’s home fragrances are beautiful. My top 2 scents have to be Ginger Lily & White Jasmine. Fresh, clean & floral scents are always a winner for me! Not to mention the entirety of their homeware range, Zara Home just really stands out for me – right down to how beautifully they lay out their Sydney store. The colour coordination and the scent throughout is so appealing!

Also, not to mention H&M HOME and their amazing selection of blankets! I set out to find a large, thick, cream, woollen blanket – H&M came through to say the least! Snuggling on the sofa is in full force.


Lavender Bay / Luna Park
The perfect picnic spot.
Whats better than a relaxed picnic in the sun in a beautifully peaceful park, looking out to Harbour Bridge & the skyline? We like to spend some time lazing around Lavender Bay, take a stroll to Luna Park & enjoy a cocktail in The Deck bar – before walking over Harbour Bridge & finishing the afternoon in one of our favourites; ‘Cruise Bar’. What more could you want? You really do not have to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful day out in Sydney – and the surroundings are to thank for that!

Chinese Garden of Friendship
This really is one of the most peaceful places I have ever visited. A fascinating garden created by experts from China located a short distance from Chinatown, at the south end of Darling Harbour. The buildings & rock reflect designs dating all the way back to the 5th century! Waterfalls, koi-filled ponds, exotic plants, pavilions and bridges – a place for relaxation & tranquility. Grab a Chinese tea or dim sum & a table next to the water & watch the world go by. We spent around about 2-3 hours here – but I really love that you can mooch around at your own leisure and take as much time as you like! We noticed that many people had taken a picnic with them & found nice little spots under the trees to eat & relax for a while. They also have picnic benches dotted around – so if you don’t fancy having a bite to eat in the teahouse, you can always bring your own food along.
We visited the garden over Chinese New Year on a day where it only cost us a ‘gold coin’ to enter – gold coin being $2.
The usual entry fee is $6 adult & $3 child; worth every penny!
Sometimes its nice to take some time out of the norm & appreciate something a little different. A must-see from me!

Taking the water taxi to Manly Beach
What better way to start your day off than with a water taxi across the river to Manly.
OK so I can’t lie – I was super disappointed when I visited Bondi Beach (admittedly I was relaxing on Whitehaven beach 2 weeks prior to visiting Bondi, so that could well be why…) but in my opinion, Bondi really is nothing to scream about. However, Manly on the other hand – is my kind of place!


I love that real holiday seaside village feel, and Manly really gave me that from the moment we stepped off of the ferry. Souvenir shops, beachwear stores, cafes, rooftop bars & eateries are dotted along the main street leading down to the sea. There is a real variety! Glasshouse’s Gin & Tonic bar has to be my favourite rooftop so far. Their extensive list of gin’s & botanicals should not be missed!

Mint & Strawberry Hendricks!

I have quite sensitive skin & find that some salt water can make me feel a bit uncomfortable & itchy – however, the water here is like no other! I honestly could have spent all day in the sea; it was clean, turquoise blue and beautiful! We were having the time of our lives, diving into & being taken under by the (huge) waves – massive kids! There was also a surfing competition going on along the beach too – we’ve always been keen to learn to surf, so thats one for the bucket list!


To Do List

  1. Watch a show at Sydney Opera House
  2. Visit Harbour Bridge of an evening to watch the Badu Gili (water lights)
  3. Start writing in my Happiness Planner journal – and stick at it!
  4. Take my yoga practice to the next step in preparation for my yoga teacher training course in 2019/20
  5. Attend a boat trip or boat party (yet to research)
  6. Visit Hugos, Manly for lunch or dinner
  7. Be adventurous with my restaurant choices (eat more Asian varieties!)
  8. Prep my meals for work every day – and stick at it!
  9. Spend more time at the beach and in the waters
  10. Take beginners surfing lessons for myself & Rick (just for fun!)
  11. Show more gratitude towards what I have around me

    We really do have so much to look forward to and my ‘Favourites’ list is only going to get longer, longer… and longer!

    For now, there is no rush fo us to experience everything at once – we are making the most out of everything that we have & enjoying the little things.

    “Sometimes in life it is easy to get carried away only looking at what you want, or what you don’t have; instead of realising that everything that you do have is something that you once only dreamt of having.”
    – Personal tongue twisting quote by myself

    I am very fortunate & am so grateful – I remember when I used to only dream of having what I currently have.

    Life is beautiful.


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