Life in Sydney

Better late than never – So they say!

My life really has been non-stop since the moment we stepped foot into Sydney! Not only did I have my interview on the day of our arrival – I was also successful & commenced my new job just 5 days later; therefore I had a relatively short time to find my feet & buy a new corporate wardrobe! We also had Rick’s birthday to celebrate, an apartment to find (& move into!) and plan for my families visit late March! My blog really has been put on the side for a while, which I hate to say, but sometimes you have to take the time out and focus!

It is safe to say that we are finally feeling settled into our new little life in Sydney & it really has gone from strength to strength!
It truly is beautiful here; and I had no idea what to expect. Sydney was actually one of my least researched states in Australia before making the move out here. For some bizarre reason, it just appealed the least to me. I was looking for that beach life – little did I know; Sydney has the best of both worlds!

City and Beach!

OK, perhaps not the best beach in the world (Bondi) – however, it is a beach! It didn’t help that I was being spoilt on Whitehaven beach 1 week prior to visiting Bondi; who the hell else wouldn’t be disappointed?! Nothing quite compares to the Whitsunday Islands.
However, since visiting Manly – it is safe to say that I have a beautiful beach right on my doorstep – and many more to see!


Palm Tree LOVER!

I have not visited everywhere in Australia, and I do not actually plan to. I am not here to backpack somewhere different each week – I am here for the long run; and I enjoy working as well as having a beautiful routine in a beautiful city! I have visited Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Whitsundays/Airlie Beach – each of them have been out of this world; but I have not yet once felt that ‘at home’ feeling. They felt like holiday spots to me, which to be honest; I guess they were – and they were lovely, for a short time! Maybe I never will find anywhere that compares to my real home; but Sydney has certainly come close. I do not want to compare it to London, because they are both beautifully different in their own ways; but if you love the City of London just like I do, then Sydney is most definitely up there along the same lines – just with bluer skies!

So, just WHAT am I loving about Sydney?

– The first thing is obviously the weather (How English of me.) The blue skies, the warmth, the palm trees – I’m pretty sure that these are the first things that all Brits notice when they arrive into Australia right?! It has been slightly windy with the occasional overcast; however, in comparison to London’s weather averages – it has been beautiful and I really cannot complain. For some reason, I just feel somewhat better the less clothes that I need to wear, so I am forever in my element at the moment! I truly am excited to see what the seasons here in Sydney have to offer. I have been told that the temperatures only drop to around 16-18 degrees (Celsius) in winter, which is very different to what we would expect in England… No complaints here – or fur coats for that matter!

Lavender Bay

Secondly, the healthy lifestyle! I am absolutely in love with the thought of yoga sessions before & after work, cycling in to the office, running along the beach or the Port side, being able to buy fresh fruit smoothies on every single corner – the list is endless, and I love every aspect of it! *UPDATE* Ok, so I haven’t actually ran along a beach YET, or cycled into work for that matter – but it’s the thought that counts right?! (Lol. It’ll happen!!) However, yoga is always on the top of my to-do list!
Any who, I feel like Australians totally have their sh*t together when it comes to exercising and eating well! Not that I am uneducated when it comes to that side of things – however, there is always room for improvement and I cannot wait to incorporate some new changes into my every day routine!
I am currently on the hunt for a new gym, but have found myself a bit shocked at how expensive they are. I loved my local Virgin Active at home in Essex – my gym always has to have a pool/spa/sauna too for those lazy days where quite frankly you don’t fancy making much movement! I paid around £48 ($84) a month for my membership back home – but for Virgin Active Sydney it is $45.95 (£25) A WEEK. (£100 a month) but I guess this is a City and you have to expect to pay a premium, as you would in the City of London. Its all worth it in the end, I guess!

My Favourite Kind of Mornings – Yoga at Home!

The food! You name it, they have it. There might be a little more Asian varieties than I could have ever imagined – and sadly it is rare that I actually eat Asian food; however, if you enjoy Korean/Japanese/Thai food; you will find at least 2 different varieties on every single street! (No exaggeration) But apart from that, there really is something for everyone! From budget eateries to high end restaurants, you will find them right next to each other! I have totally been in my element – especially when eating beside the port looking out to Harbour Bridge… It’s breath taking! Not to mention Darling Harbour too, my absolute fave!

I have actually made a promise to myself that I will experience more of the Asian cuisines whilst in Sydney – I tend to stick to what I know and love; and although I guess there is nothing wrong with that, you should always be adventurous with your taste buds – ESPECIALLY when travelling to other countries! You might just fall in love with something new! So that is a little goal of mine for this year, to really become a bit more daring with my restaurant choices!

My favorite restaurant (so far) has to be 360 Bar and Dining – Anyone who knows me, knows that I will pay any amount of money to eat with a view – and what better view than dining in Sydney’s tallest structure? Sydney Tower; 88 stories high with a revolving panoramic view of Sydney’s skyline and beyond. Yep, the floor moves, and your table moves with it! It takes around one hour to do the full circle; and although sadly the Opera House is blocked by another building in its way – it truly is something that needs to be experienced!
We were here for Saturday lunch and the food was beautiful! The service was o.k (I say o.k because they could have definitely smiled more. I put it down to perhaps they were upset that they had to work on such a beautiful Saturday!) but nonetheless, the view and our beautiful window table made up for the lack of smiley staff!
We are of course returning for dinner when my family arrive at the end of March for the celebration of mine and my dad’s birthday – I know that they will love it just as much as I!
Me and my Nana actually went to an almost identical restaurant in NYC – The View – so I am sure that it will bring back some of our beautiful memories from the Big Apple!

The View from The 360 Bar

Public Transport! Using the public transport into the CBD has been amazing in comparison to my daily Essex to London commute. I used to drive to my local train station, pay £5 a day to park my car (sometimes there wasn’t even a space – which meant driving home again & taking a bus back, but that is a whole other story!) – the train journey would take around 45 minutes into Fenchurch Street & then I would walk 10-15 minutes to my office. Not awful, & there certainly is far worse – but it started to become tedious! It honestly takes less than 25 minutes door to door from my apartment to the office so I  really have got it good. My local train station is St Leonards, which is less than a 2 minute walk away from where we’re living! The train ride includes travelling over Harbour Bridge, and I can’t tell you how lovely it is to see the Opera House each morning! Plus the sun is always shining and the views are beautiful which is a huge plus. I arrive into Wynyard less than 15 minutes later; then I have a whole 2-3 minute walk to my office – what a dream! I have read mixed reviews on the public transport here; and am hoping that I do not have too many bad experiences, but so far – so good! We moved into our apartment on Tuesday 13th Feb and we are so happy to be living in St Leonards in North Sydney; it is the perfect balance between living the city life whilst also having that real residential feel too.

We have so much left to see and do here – and I cant wait to share all of my experiences on our new life in Sydney!


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