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After being absolutely spoilt with beautiful weather ever since we stepped foot into Australia, we were annoyingly hit by torrential rain which was bad enough to result in our farm closing down… it was a really stressful period as we were basically told to head South and look for new work as all of the farms in the Bundaberg & Childers region were severely damaged.

Gutted was an understatement. (& a little bit fuming!)

However, we didn’t want to give up on our farm that easily – so we hung around in hope that the crops could be saved; and thankfully after 3 weeks of storms and flooding – the sunshine was back in full force. We worked only 6 days over those 3 weeks which was awful for the savings and VISA days – but our crops were under water so I guess it was understandable. Thankfully the damage was undone pretty quickly once the sun made an appearance – which we did not expect!

 Just like that, we were back to work!

Literally, 7 hour days – 7 days a week…
Don’t ask why, but it is as though the crops being flooded had actually done them the world of good! The chillies are ready to pick every day, zucchinis every other day – so our working hours for the past 2 weeks have been amazing.
I’m not so sure how my back and mind feels on the situation though… which leads me onto my main reason for this blog…


I have always been active, flexible, in and out of different fitness regimes, diets, smoothies, protein, shakes, etc etc etc. Who isn’t these days? I have never been one to starve myself, nor have I been one to over-indulge daily.
It is all about finding the right balance for you.

Anywho, nothing makes me feel as good as exercising does.
Until I decided to give yoga a go.

Warrior III

It all begun after the storms had passed, and we were back to work. Things had become a little more stressful, as the work is now more demanding than ever, and there is a lot expected from the 5 of us who work on the farm.
After every full day of work, I genuinely always feel like I need some time to myself, to relax my mind as well as give my body a real deep stretch.
We have been spending between 4 and 7 hours a day picking a variety of food, a lot of the time spent either bent over or in a squatting position – moving further and further down each row. As you can imagine, it is extremely stressful on our backs. To put it into context for you, there was a day recently where it actually took us 5 hours EACH to reach the end of ONE row of chillies – you can imagine our faces when we were told to then spend a further 2 hours picking jalapeños.

So yes, the farm work is demanding and something that I (and my back!) is not used to – but nonetheless, as long as I am doing my best and my boss is happy with my work then that is all that matters… (for now.)

But ultimately, you really do have to look after yourself throughout the process too. There isn’t much to do around here apart from walk, talk, exercise, relax, eat, and sleep. Which is lovely, for a while… Yoga really has been keeping me sane!
I use the SWEAT by Kayla app quite frequently for at home workouts, and decided to give the Body and Mind yoga sessions a go!

…I wont look back!

After my first session, I was intrigued to find out just what benefits yoga really has to offer… and the list is endless. As exaggerating as this may sound – after just one session, I felt relaxed, peaceful and as though what I thought was a stress or bother in my life – was no longer such a big deal.
I truly mean that. I was genuinely taken back by how I felt after my first yoga session.
I am not at all spiritual, and the spiritual stuff doesn’t really do it for me – but I want to be open minded with this. I think it is important to keep experiencing new things which may be a little out of your ordinary!

My 3 main focuses are developing my body strength, flexibility and the calming of my mind. This has really allowed me to put all of my focus and thought into something completely different asides from farm work. Meditation plays a big part in yoga, which is said to improve the quality of your life by giving you and your mind some ‘you’ time to process everything that is going on in and around your every day life.

Not to mention the improvement I have noticed in the pain which I experience in my back when food picking; which is amazing.
I am a beginner at yoga – and I am still learning – but I am seriously excited to see where this may take me. It might not be for everyone, but it is certainly for me.

Give it a go, you might just be surprised.

 Imagine doing yoga in this setting? Mount Walsh National Park… Beautiful. We’ve been working hard to spend our (very rare) days off in places like this.

4 weeks & 5 days to go until our farm work experience is complete!

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I am your not-so-typical gym going, sun loving, palm tree hugging Brit with a one way flight to Australia!

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