HELLO, Gold Coast.

It was time to say goodbye (for now!) to our beautiful little City apartment, which we absolutely adored; and ‘Hello’ Palm Beach apartment!

We only spent 2 weeks in Brisbane City, but I have to say it felt SO much longer – and although we love the City and will absolutely be back; we fancied a change and felt that we were happy to move on to see what the Gold Coast had to offer! Plus, after our beautiful visit to Moreton Island… we were really feeling the beach vibes!

So, we checked out of our City apartment at around midday, and made our way to Palm Beach! The journey from Brisbane CBD to GC is around a 1 hour & 50 minute train & bus ride. Sadly we did not have our car at this point, so we tried to make the most out of the public transport! The journey was a simple route. There was a train heading towards the Gold Coast, Varsity Lakes which took 1 hour and 20 minutes. We then had a 20 minute bus ride from there to Palm Beach! Then an easy 8 minute walk from the bus stop to our apartment. Lugging our suitcases & rucksacks became a little tedious but it was manageable, and absolutely worth it!

Our first thoughts upon arrival? BEACHY. As we were walking to our apartment, we could see on our map that we were less than 2 minutes from our place, AND we could see the beach – so we were kind of buzzing that we had Palm Beach on our doorstep, literally! Not to mention the surfers bar, restaurant and club across the road too! (Talle Surf Club).

We found our apartment, located the key and made our way in. It’s a super cute apartment and it really does have everything we could need for a short stay! Huge TV, bed, kitchenette, bathroom, fridge, microwave, the list goes on! We were feeling settled within minutes…

We unpacked what we needed to, had a chat with our lovely neighbour who gave us a bit of info in terms of where the local supermarkets & restaurants etc are, which was really helpful. We didn’t have a car by this point so we hopped on the bus and went straight to Coles (Tesco equivalent) and purchased our food shop for the week! This included breakfasts, lunches and dinners for a full 7 days and I honestly can’t believe the price it came to, considering the amount that we had bought! Our shop came to a total of $117 (£71) – Amazing! We’re getting good at this ‘budgeting’ thing. We headed home and filled our fridge with our chicken, sausages, prawns, burgers, huge salad bowls, extra salads, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, apples, juice drinks, croissants, marinades and much more! Does anyone else get a real sense of satisfaction when you open your fridge to see that it is full? Or just us?!

Anywho, we were also kind of buzzing that our fridge was looking fantastic!

Our week on the Gold Coast was super chilled. We spent 40% of our time laying on a beach, 30% in surf clubs and restaurants drinking ciders, 20% hiking National Parks, and the other 10% chilling in our apartment! Our 2 weeks in the City was quite full on – so we wanted to really relax for these 7 days, and that really is all that we done.

It was Friday morning and we were off to get our little car! Yay! It took a little longer than expected as we didn’t realise that we should have actually booked the car online ahead of our arrival (heads up for that!) – so we had to contact various other car rental companies in hope that someone had a car available for us on the day! Eventually, thankfully, a little car rental company called ‘Rent a Bomb’ (bombs, literally.) had something for us! It was not the most glamorous vehicle I have ever been in, but it got us from A to B, so it was absolutely perfect! Plus it saved us a few pennies! Costing only $190 (£113) for the 6 days – well worth it.

 It is not the big black 4×4 star gazing beach truck that I am waiting for but it was our cute little beach get around for the 6 days and it absolutely done its job!

We travelled quite far in this little baby. To Springbrook National Park, Warner Bro’s Movie World, Currumbin Beach/Creek, Surfers Paradise & more!

To be honest, I was a little nervous at first driving on the Australian roads, but thankfully they drive on the same side as the UK so I only really had to get used to driving the car itself rather than the roads – and to be honest, I done a bloody good job! Rick was unable to get insured due to his driving license being left in the UK, but it wasn’t too much of a problem – it just meant a lot less glasses of Sauvignon for me! (The heartache.)

So, what was my overall highlight from the Gold Coast?

Springbrook National Park

“A true nature lovers paradise”

A day packed full of indescribable views, long walks, waterfalls, ancient forests and much, much more. Not to mention the small dinosaur that crawled out of the hedge and walked along side us without a care in the world! (AKA. Lace Monitor Lizard)

 The day consisted of beautiful waterfalls…

(Above: Purling Brook Falls)
Thank you to our GoPro Hero5 Black for capturing shots that do the justice!

Breathtaking views…

Hundreds of steps to reach the rock pools…
IMG_0105.JPG_edited IMG_0177_edited IMG_0172
and back up to the top again!
Words can’t describe just how gorgeous this place is – and for anyone on a budget, we did not spend a penny. Not one. We made our own lunch and set out for the day! The only thing that cost us was the petrol to get there – but even that cost next to nothing! It was around an hour drive – a bit of a scary drive as well. Similar to movies when you see cars driving up mountain tracks and if you were to steer too far left you could literally drive over the edge… Well it was just like that. I tried not to look because I probably would have made a U-turn and headed home again… but once we had reached the top and were greeted with the view from Wunburra Lookout – it really was worth every second of that drive.
There are cafes, picnic areas and barbecues dotted around Springbrook so be sure to grab a map as the place is HUGE!
Other favourites & must-do’s…
Warner Bros, Movie World

If like me, you are a true Floridian theme park LOVER – Movie World is probably the closest to being at Universal Studios that you are going to get out here! It isn’t even quarter of the size of Universal Studios, but it is a great half day out! The tickets were $75 each (£45) – so quite expensive for the size of the park; however, it really reminded me of being back in Florida, so it was a must for me. On average, people spend around 3 hours here – but we dragged it out and spent around 5 & had a beautiful day; ensuring that we went on every single ride of course!

Superman Escape is a MUST.


Is there anything better than laying on a beach watching surfers do their thing, with a high-rise skyline right behind you?

We spent around 3 full days here – not only on the beach but also eating in their many choices of restaurants and cafes, drinking in bars (O’Malleys being our favourite!) and walking through the beach front markets during the evening. Sadly, we didn’t visit any of the nightclubs, but we certainly will when we return.

An absolute must-do!

We truly loved the Gold Coast, and we know that there is so much more to it that we have not yet seen; so we will be returning temporarily. Me and Rick both agreed that it is definitely somewhere that we would only visit on a temporary basis – it didn’t give us that ‘home’ feeling like Brisbane City did. However, it is the perfect location for a get away and some exploring!

Me and Rick promised each other that we would begin our farming work within a month of being in Australia so that we could extend our Visa and get it out of the way and not have to go back to it during the latter half of our first year Visa…

We are so excited to be moving onto Childers QLD to begin our fruit and vegetable picking adventure!

Next Stop…


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