Our Day On Moreton Island

I mean, Wow.

What more could you want other than transparent kayaking and snorkelling around a shipwreck on a secluded island? For someone who has always had a small fear of the ocean – and would have to force myself to get in and only when doing so with someone else – I am quite proud of myself! And obviously proud of Rick, for dealing with my minor panic attacks… Ha.


This beautiful island is just off the coast of South East Queensland and to reach the island, you will need to catch a ferry! For us, the MICAT ferry departed the Port of Brisbane at 08.30AM so it was a reasonably early start – which we are used to anyway. Lay-in’s are non existent to us out here! We arrived at the port and purchased our return tickets at $56 each (£34pp) as well as $50 each for the kayaking (£30pp); Worth every penny.

There really is so much to do on Moreton Island. We were unbelievably excited to visit the Blue Lagoon and the Champagne Pools on Moreton – but were genuinely heartbroken to find out (once we had arrived on Moreton) that you actually need a 4×4 (4WD) to reach that area of the island! Unless you are committed to walking 3 hours there & back… which we weren’t in 30-degree heat! Though tempted… Clearly we had not done enough research on this island, which is a rarity. But nevertheless, we still had a perfect day with everything that could be reached by foot. We remained on the West Coast of the island where the diving site is located. This features coral and tropical fish around a group of 15 sunken ships; Tangalooma Wrecks.

There are also dolphin feeding spots as well as a 19th century lighthouse and a humpback whale viewing point located on Cape Moreton. You can take part in extreme sand boarding, snorkelling, fishing, and much more.

We begun by obviously having a photoshoot on the beach…


And then we started our transparent kayaking around the Tangalooma Wreck…


 We enjoyed the shipwreck so much that we wanted to snorkel over it – so of course, we did…


 (The above photos were grabbed from our GoPro Hero5 Black videos. The perfect little travel companion.)

The pictures really do not show the true beauty of what we experienced and saw around the shipwreck. There were thousands of tropical fish swimming along side us – I think we were enjoying it with our eyes too much for us to capture it on our camera too!

 It truly was a beautiful day, and the weather could not have been better! (Is the weather ever not wonderful in Australia?)

The ferry picked us up at around 3.30PM – the day had absolutely flown by. In fact, we wished that we had some more time!

There aren’t any cafes or stores nearby that are reachable by foot, for anyone thinking of visiting Moreton without a 4×4 – luckily we had packed our own lunch! There are cafes and stores located on the island, but the closest was a 2 hour walk away from where the ferry docks, which isn’t always a great idea in high temperatures! If we are ever to return to Moreton, we will absolutely be hiring a 4×4 for the day. We would also stay on the island for a few nights – there are camping (and glamping!) spots as well as hotel accommodation which sounds just beautiful! You couldn’t explore all of this gorgeous island in one day, you would need at least two.

 But our day was perfect enough.

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